Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kudos to Youth..Together We Stand!


With every tick of the clock the excitement is rising. The great grand fat elections in India for 2014 are about to wrap up with results I hope will help the nation grow. People are happy and sad for their own reasons and affections to different political candidates or parties. However, I am happy for a different reason; this is the first time I have seen Indian youth to stand for their convictions. If we talk about the three major parties BJP, AAP and Congress, the kind of youth support BJP and AAP are enjoying is phenomenal. Varanasi has witnessed it all.

Its a time to congratulate our youth for the kind of revolution they have brought in the country and the minds of people.

Looking beyond these elections, I think this is the beginning of an era in India. It’s not about the elections or who won and who lost, but about the kind of participation Indian youth has shown. I am amazed to see the youth fighting for the candidate they believe in. Youth who are not associated officially to any political party took all the pains to aware people and vote wisely. Hundreds and thousands of BJP and AAP supporters from all over the world swamped Varanasi to talk about what they feel.

India you already won when young boys and girls took leave from their offices and traveled from distances to give a message to vote wisely. It hardly matters they stood for BJP or AAP or Congress, what matters is that they stood for a bright India.

India you already won when people with no vested interests and just for you stood together and supported their respective parties.

India you already won because they not only care for you but also can go to any extent to ensure you get the best.

India you already won when they stood for you in their own ways.

If we continue standing like this for our convictions for our country above our vested interests, ‘Achche din’ will never fade away irrespective of who wins or who loses. 

Jai Hind!


  1. You are absolutely true. Its the victory of the people and for the people of India. Lets hope this election has started the much awaited change that we are looking for.

    1. Yes, let us all pray for the best for the nation.