Monday, 5 May 2014

Coming back to life!

Things have moved fast for the whole world since March 08th, 2014. India is busy with the on-going elections. The world is eagerly waiting to know what enfolds in the future for this country. But, there are a set of people in the world for whom the clock is ticking for sure but the time is at still. These are the families of the people who boarded the unfortunate Malaysian flight 370. It flew towards its destination but lost all its contact to the ground within less than an hour after its take-off. The aircraft was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations.

That day not only these 239 people went missing, but with them went missing the smiles and lives of all near and dear ones of them. Since then their life has never been the same. The families have spent hours and days in the assistance centers in hope of a miracle. All they want is some news - good or bad. After extensive search of nearly two months, conducted by all the super powers of the world nothing could be found. With every passing day the despair ascends. They don’t know what happened to their loved ones. Evidences tell them their wait is futile but they are still waiting.

Last week exacerbated their woes. The airlines announced that they are closing the assistance center at Hotel Lido, Beijing on May 2nd and all other centers on May 7th. They want the families to go back home. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Malaysia advised and requested the families to “accept reality”. People are scared to go back home. Some may live in remote areas with no Internet access, they are not sure if they will miss something important. Some are scared what if they return and the governments cease the search but what is scaring them the most is to resume lives without their loved ones. Will they be able to do that? At every phone ring they will pray, with every knock they will pray, with every news flash they will pray. Their hope won’t let them sleep and their thoughts will make them miserable when they are awake.

Some have gathered the courage to accept the reality. On last Sunday, May 4th, 2014, the first funeral of this mishap was held. Friends and families of two Australian citizens, Mr. Rodney Burrows and Mrs. Mary Burrows gathered all their courage to do this. However, most of the families are yet to come to terms with it. They are still struggling to face it. They don’t know where to restart from and some of them don’t even want to restart.

Let us all pray to dear Lord to give the families the courage to bear this irreplaceable loss. Every time I read some article or hear some news about the mishap or even while I am writing this down, I am not able to think what’s more cruel – living with the truth of losing someone or dying daily in the hope that he/she may return someday.


  1. This is actually surprising, we are in 21st century and we are not able to find out a lost plane. I totally doubt on our Satellite Navigation system. How come a plane doesn't come in any satellite range. OR Government is hiding something from us!! Families of passengers is still waiting and we don't know, Is there any outcome of this waiting or not.

    1. Yes, its very surprising... the efforts are done by all the super powers but all failed. Its sad we even don't have any clue about what exactly happened.