Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Damsel in Distress!

A lady woke up in her bedroom only to find herself surrounded by four weird strangers...

I opened my eyes and found four weird strangers in my room. My heart almost skipped a beat finding them so close to my bed. Who are they? How did they enter my room? What do they want? etc. were a few of the hundred questions that crossed my mind within seconds. I screamed and hopped out of my bed trying to maintain a safe distance from them. However, they did not react to anything I did and continued doing some strange activities. I was scared to death.

“Wh..whoo are you?”, I stammered in my fear sucked voice.

No response. This made me all the more skeptical about them. I started looking for my phone to call anyone for help. Alas! I keep it under my pillow which is placed next to these strangers. They were not moving at all, not even an inch. I was not able to guess their intentions, what they would do if I move. Amid this muddle, I looked closely at them to find the weakest link.

The first one was dressed in a green jumpsuit. He looked young and fresh. He was sitting on the edge of window, whistling and swinging his legs. His jumpsuit was new and expensive. He was flaunting his assets in very nouveau riche mannerisms. I smiled at him to attempt some conversation; but before I could say a word, he told me few unrelated jokes, made wierd faces and said with attitude,

“Hey there! I am the stud who visits one million new bedrooms everyday. And you say you don't know me babyyy.”

This made me dubious. I could not trust him. With more cynical state of mind, I looked at the second man.
He was leaning at the door to my balcony and smoking a cigar. His face had very philosophical look. He was wearing a complete blue suit. He was lost in his own thoughts. By the sober expressions of his face I could make out that he was trying to think something very profound. I was taken aback by his seriousness, with all my courage I said a soft ‘Hi’ to him. He looked at me with his eyes so intense, moved his lips may be to say something but pursed them back as if he himself didn’t like the depth of his thoughts. And then he just mindlessly repeated what I said. I found no help from here too. With descending hope of rescue, I looked at the third one.

The third one looked impossible to any kind of human relations. He was standing head high with a straight face and right hand in pocket. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit and black goggles. His hands were full of some printed papers which he was reading without any expressions. The stiffness on his face added to my nervousness and I dropped the idea of even greeting him. I stepped closed to bed slowly, trying not to attract anyone's attention. But, as I moved, this man gave me a tough look and said in a low, husky voice,

“I told you to congratulate Mr. Ramnathan Venketeshwaram Iyyer on his new job, but u didn’t. I also told you to wish Dr. Anand Kumar Nagpal on his birthday, but you forgot. Get this straight lady, if you don’t follow what I say, you will be doomed”.

My jaw almost dropped. I stammered, “Doomed.. me..but why…who are they? I don’t know them and even don’t like their names.”

“So what, they can help you in future. Now just follow what I say”, his voice turned little hard.

My fear got mixed with irritation; I stepped back and bumped into the fourth guy. This guy looked chilled and happy. He was wearing a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow, green flowers and a black Bermuda. He had this big beach hat on his head and a camera in his hand. He was busy clicking his own pictures with different parts of my room. He was smiling and singing. His smile had a naughty tint of pride, as if he is flaunting to me his happy-go-lucky life. As if I cared. But, his friendly smile made me ask him for help,

“I need help. I don’t know you guys. I can’t understand anything happening around. I don’t know how to get out of this.”
“Oh! I like it”, his voice had sympathy for sure.
“Like it. What do you mean? How can you like it? I am in trouble, help me”, I uttered in frustration.
“I like it. I like everything”, he said with more sympathy.

I was about to burst in tears, while finding my phone frenetically. Somehow I reached my phone, and patted the 'Contacts' to open.

“Oh my God, they are ghosts. My ‘Contacts’ are blocked. They must have done it. Are they here to kill me or kidnap me? Who are you?” I screamed on top of my voice and started crying. 
My tears grabbed their attention, I blinked and they were standing very close to me. My despair grew. They looked at me straight and said in chorus,

“We are you. We are the popular you.”

And I woke up screaming. After few seconds, I realised it was a nightmare. I was in my room alone and safe. I looked at my phone to check if it is working. It had lots of messages to be read. And then, my phone revealed a horrifying secret, I murmured in a terrified voice, 

"Yes, they were me.”

In my dream, I was living a morning when my Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts came into existence. They all personified and they were scary.

Later, over my morning cup of tea I was thinking, what if they really turn to reality and follow us everywhere. Will it be good or not?

Let's ponder. Or that can wait, let's share it first. ;-)

P.S. – A new IDC Research report says that more than 79% of people check out their mobile phones as first thing after they get up.  


  1. Nicely written Pallavi!! All the best...

  2. Nice piece of writing.....carry on....good luck..

  3. Yes, these days -the fact is that we have less real friends. We do not have many brothers/ sisters; We do not want our kids to play in the sun (lest he would mix with the dirty kids), we don'r want them to go out for security reasons !
    So we turn to the virtual friends, and that becomes our life ! ... Unless of-course we start having a family and then have no time for other activities.

    1. Yes, you are right shubhankar. We live in a different social fabric now and to some extent have given up.
      Thanks for your comment

  4. Good one .. first article soo well written ... Keep Going .. :-)

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  6. Hmm...The first Blog I had ever read till date. It was good English. Good Presentation. Thought was superb, I would say. Keep writing in these lines and do share the links....!!!

    1. Thank you Sreedhar! The encouragement is appreciated.

  7. This is indeed a well written article and a novel idea at that... The subtle idea comes across quite brilliantly..Good show...

    1. Thank you Sreedhar! The encouragement is appreciated.

  8. As always, I enjoyed reading your blog even this time. Great articulation of words. Just keep writing, it will bring out the best in you.

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