Monday, 12 January 2015

5 Side-effects of having Good Friends

Love, Fear and Hatred are the three basic emotions of life. Everything we think or do revolve around these three. And Love being the brightest, makes us strong, optimist and hopeful. It has no boundaries and it can make your world go round. The very feeling of having an unconditional love in our life fills us with an indomitable confidence that we can achieve anything. It’s the magic for which we all wait to happen in our lives. And when it happens, our life changes for ever. Love enters into our lives in many forms. Emotions, situations, decisions keep changing but if the foundation is love, the equation never changes.

Among all the kind of love we experience, I think the love we share with a friend is the most special. A friend is a gift we choose for ourselves. They make our life easier, spicy, light and comfortable. Sometimes when we have given up they push us beyond our own limits. Our partner in crimes, we can be true to them, just say our feelings in utmost raw form and still have the freedom of not being judged. They stand with us in thick and thin.

This friend can be anyone, a sibling, a parent, a partner or a complete stranger. In most of the cases our friends are the complete strangers we meet one day and become inseparable over a period of time. Yes, it looks quite weird and miraculous, that someday we meet a stranger, chat a bit for any reason and end up having a whole home in a person. However, today I am not here to talk about the fairy tale of friendship that we all know, but the disadvantages of having very good friends.
  1. You become less tolerant
This is absolutely true. Being with your buddies slips you in your most comfortable zone and ends up making you less tolerant with people in general. A good friend understands you without you saying a word and you start expecting that with lot of people. Even when you are far from your friend or like not talked to them for long, you feel complete with their presence and so your attention span to other people really narrows down. 
  1. It becomes difficult to make new friends
You develop a frequency and a particular taste and then it becomes nearly impossible to find people with same frequency. So the chances for you to make new friends at later juncture of life becomes very difficult. Unknowingly we compare the new people we meet with our friends and end up losing these new ones. Sometimes we know we are wrong but just can't help it.
  1. You always miss them
Missing them becomes a habit. You don't talk to them everyday, you don't tell them everything that is happening to you or you also may not meet them for years but you miss them always. Wherever you go, you miss them. In office, in parties or simply the nothing doing days, you always miss them a bit somewhere deep in your heart. You are amid lot of people you enjoy being with but nothing is complete without them.
  1. You need them to push you
We all go through a less cheerful phase in life where we need something extra. We know what we want but we just can’t pull ourselves up to work for it. It could be anything, a job change, a new diploma, getting fit, pursuing your hobby, whatever it may be you need your friend to push you to do it. You need them to curse you, scold you and make you do things for yourself.
  1. You feel just alone
In today’s world where we live in different parts of the globe, you just feel alone without them by your side. You buy whatever but without friends to show it off, it feels something is not right. You move on with your life, talking with your friends over phone or texts but nothing can replace their presence.

Whatever it may be, a true friend is worth everything. It's priceless!